What does Jr Ring mean to you?


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Teachers who are alums of St. Joe showing off their Jr. Rings.

Brighton McDaniel, Senior Staff Writer

Junior Ring is a day students remember for forever. On April 1, the Class of 2023 received their rings at an all-school ceremony. 

Everyone connects to the ring differently, some might say it bonds them to the sisterhood, while others might say it bonds them to there mother and sister more if they all went to SJA. 

Math teacher and alumna Hailey Meersman finds it hard to characterize the ring with just one meaning. 

I like that I’m able to meet other alum that I wouldn’t have met otherwise because they notice it in public and say something and then we can bond over how much we love SJA,” Ms. Meersman said. 

The SJA ring is very identifiable. A gold ring with an emerald stone can be seen from a mile away and it can connect these ladies through oceans, mountain ranges, and different time zones. SJA is all about the Not I, But We moto and our junior ring is a symbol fo it.

Diane Dunning- Gill, Director of Enrollment Management, remembers her Junior Ring day back in 1987and how special it is to be an Angel. 

“My mother and two aunts went to St. Joe, and Junior Ring day reminded me of the connection my family has to St. Joe.  I also remember feeling so a part of the  St. Joe family – my teammates from soccer came down to congratulate me, my teachers,” Mrs. Dunning – Gill said. 

For some ladies have had generations and generations come to SJA, while others are a one and only; that does not matter, the ring connects all who wears it. We are all one big team here at SJA and the Junior ring is the jersey of our team.