Celebrating our Heritage


Freshman angels discovering Flat Fontbonne on day 2.

Nina Kreikemeier, Senior Staff Writer

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet founded the current location of St. Joseph’s Academy in 1955.  Without the sisters, St. Joseph’s Academy would not be here today.  To celebrate them, St. Joe dedicates an entire week to them, which culminates at the Feast of St. Joseph, our patron saint.

To start the week, there was CSJ trivia during Community Time.  A student from each grade went up to the stage and represented their class.  This was a fun way to freshen up on some facts about the Sisters. 

Each day, there was also an email blast sent out by Ms. Anna Hotop, Campus Minister.  In the blast, there were two clues.   One helped students find the hidden Fontbonne, and the other helped students figure out the CSJ Associate for the day.  Whoever figured out the clues first and sent in a picture to Ms. Hotop won a t-shirt and was featured in the next day’s email blast.  The CSJA aSSOCIATE is a faculty member devoted to the mission of the CSJs but is not a sister.  Each email also included a each day feature on a new sister each day.  This helped students learn about the women that helped found St. Joe.  Lastly, there was a daily maxim from the Sisters of St. Joseph.  It was announced each morning during announcements and included in the daily email blasts.

Sophomore Ella Crabtree, Campus Ministry Representative, enjoys the week to recognize the sisters.

“CSJ Heritage Week is a great time to have fun and learn about othe Sisters, since they do so much for us,” Ella said.  

She enjoyed reading the clues sent out each day and had fun participating in the CSJ trivia on Monday.  

Senior Addie Engelmeyer, Campus Ministry Representative, loved reading about each CSJ of the day featured in the email blasts. 

“I love CSJ Heritage week because it is a time to look back and reflect on all of the amazing women who came before us,” Addie said.

This week was a great chance to slow down and appreciate our school, which would not be here without the Sisters.