What you Need to Know about Junior Ring


Izzy Arro

The girls show off their rings after the ceremony.

Brighton McDaniel, Senior Staff Writer


Junior Ring ceremony and mass will take place during the school day on April 1 in the gym. Parents are invited to join the girls on this special day and juniors will not have to attend classes that day. Once the ceremony is over the girls are welcome to leave; go and get brunch and come back that evening for the dance. 

Senior Izzy Arro received her ring last year and loves the symbolism of the ring.

“It is a special tradition that you get to share with your classmates. Sometimes you meet people at unexpected places just because they recognize your ring,”  Izzy said. 

Each grade level does something special for the juniors on this very big day. Freshmen host a reception for families;  sophomores decorate their ring boxes; and the seniors present each junior with flowers and pay for the dance deejay. In addition, each class will also watch the ceremony and see each lady receive her ring. 

Junior Amy Kaiser, has been looking forward to her Junior Ring sense her freshman year. 

“I am so excited for Junior ring because I get to add to my ring collection and get closer to my school and class,” Amy said.

The theme for this year’s Junior ring is “We are all different flowers from the same garden.”. Many preparations have been made and are still going as St. Joe gets ready for this event.