Update on the Father-Daughter Reschedule


Mary Dill '21

Grace and Eliza Kelly and their dad at Father daughter.

Brighton McDaniel, Senior Staff Writer

This year, the annual Father-daughter dance that was originally supposed to be on January 13 has now been moved to March 27 due to the increase of positive COVID cases in St. Louis County. The Omicron variant has proven to be highly contagious and with the COVID numbers going up in the county, the St. Joseph’s Academy COVID team deemed it safer to push back the beloved dance. When it comes to the COVID protocols, the dance will follow the current SJA COVID protocols. 

Mrs. Colleen Smith-Yelton, PE teacher and STUCO moderator,  has high hopes for the new date and this dance. 

I am hoping it will be the same fun event for everyone. We will have the same band as planned and fisheye fun,” Mrs. Smith-Yelton said. 

The Father-Daughter dance is still being held at the St. Charles Convention Center. The same Jazz band will perform and everything else that was supposed to take place on January 13 is being pushed to the new date. This was the only availability that the St. Charles Convention Center had for the rest of the school year. Girls who can no longer make it to the dance can drop out and get their money back. A similar thing can be said for the girls who could not go originally; those girls can now sign up! 

 Freshman Clair McGrath will be attending the dance.

“It was disappointing to find out that the dance had been canceled, but I am so happy that it has been rescheduled. I can’t wait for the good bonding time with my dad,” Clair said. 

SJA’s top priority is keeping everyone safe. It is still very exciting to know that the dance is happening. Now this dance can be one last hoorah for the school year as it comes to a close!