Why We Chose St. Joe.


Mary Dill

St. Joe seniors enjoy their mother daughter brunch.

Mary Dill, Editor-in-Chief

St. Joseph’s Academy, founded in 1840, attracted more students than ever with the class of 2025. As the community grows, and begins to adapt to this change with renovations, new staff, and exciting new traditions, it is important to ask, what makes St. Joe, as it is so lovingly referred to, the best all girls school in the nation?

In hopes of finding an answer, I interviewed a group of freshman friends.

Freshman Libby West found the education to be “ideal.”

“I was instantly drawn to the schedule and curriculum, and I loved the idea of meeting new people and finding friends in this environment,” she said.

Several of her friends agreed. Freshmen Berkeley Winfield and Izzie Patritti both discussed the education, coursework and opportunities to join clubs as key factors in their decisions. 

“I liked the classes, the sports, and the academics!” Berkely said.

Libby’s mother, Michelle West, is a St. Joe alumna from the class of ‘87. Though Libby didn’t mention how her mother affected her decision to apply, freshman Maeley Travers recognized its importance in her decision 

“Having family here was really influential for me,” Marley said.

Finally, the response from students when asked about their decision to attend was, most commonly, the community fostered at the Academy.

From shadow visits, to “the loving community” recognized by freshman Addison Bub, or the beautiful campus, St. Joe in many cases, seems to be the “best option, and only option” according to freshman Nora Buhr.

St. Joe is incredibly excited to work with the class of 2025, and grow in the community alongside them. The community is diverse, creative, and supportive of all students asking, Why St. Joe?