Meeting Mr. Gundy


Mr. Gundy

Mr. Gundy and his wife Kay participate in an Incarnate Word Academy golf tournament in about 2016.

Frankie Schuman, Senior Staff Writer

Along with 10 other teachers, Mr. John Gundy has joined the staff at St. Joe. Mr. Gundy has experience in many different areas of math, science, and engineering. With such a wide variety of skills, it’s no surprise that he has taught dozens of different courses at multiple different schools… but let’s start at the beginning. 

Mr. Gundy’s story begins in the navy, where he worked as an engineer on an F14 aircraft carrier. 350 men were assigned under him while he worked there for 17 years. It was through the navy that he traveled to Jerusalem. In Jerusalem, he had the privilege to receive a baptismal renewal in the Jordan river, attend mass at the field of the Loaves and Fishes, and he got to view the burial location of Jesus. 

He has always loved explaining and learning, so he got involved in a “Troops to Teachers” program that jump-started his teaching career. After this program, he began teaching math classes at Epiphany of our Lord Parish, a St. Louis public school in the NJROTC program, and Incarnate Word Academy. It was at IWA that he began teaching science and engineering classes, as well as geometry and algebra. 

Finally, St. Joe caught Mr. Gundy’s attention. He claimed that our physics and engineering classes drew him in. 

“[St. Joe] engineering is drawn from every different department… I love bringing in people from all different subjects,” he said. 

This hands-on learning has been beneficial to his students, such as junior Ella Weiss. 

“He does a lot of demonstrations that keep me engaged,” Ella said. His students are appreciative of Mr. Gundy’s positive attitude.

His life in the navy, months worth of traveling, and years spent teaching led Mr. Gundy to St. Joe. Our school community is ready to welcome him into this family with arms wide open, and students and staff alike are excited to learn from him. Let’s hope to hear all about his life’s adventures, and hope that he makes many more at St. Joe.