Attending SJA’s poetry slam


Sophie Gloriod

Rachel Esser ’21 presenting her poem at the Poetry Slam.

Julia Rhodes, Senior Staff Writer

SJA recently held an incredible event on Tuesday, April 6 at 6:30 pm. National English Honors Society (NEHS) and Diversity Club hosted their annual poetry slam. It lasted about an hour and was held in the outdoor theater where, luckily, the weather was nice. 

This was a mandatory event for students who are active members in National English Honors Society. Many other English teachers, including Mrs. Richardson, offered extra credit for attending the poetry slam and submitting their favorite work from the event. 

To sign up to present, all one had to do was fill out a Google form sent out to the whole school. Students and staff could read any original poems or any of their favorite poems by other authors. This year had a great turnout of viewers and readers including Katherine Johnson (’24), Marisa Collins (’21), Sophie Gloriod (’21), Rachel Esser (‘21), Jada Moyers (’22), Ms. Hotop, and more. These people were so brave in sharing their work with an audience and being open and vulnerable. 

Senior Rachel Esser is one active member of NEHS who shared a poem to the crowd. 

“I wanted to… bring attention to the reality of toxic relationships since I didn’t really know what red flags were until senior year after the relationship already happened,” Rachel said.

She continued by discussing her excitement and nervousness while reading. She did not realize that she would be the first to present, but she knew she had the support of her SJA family. 

Not only was the event rewarding for the spokespeople, but it was especially enjoyable for the audience. Many girls went to the event to show their support for their friends and the clubs. 

Sophomore Arden Menzel attended the event.

“It was amazing. There are so many good writers at St. Joe, and I was glad I got to hear all of them speak,” she said.

The Poetry Slam is an annual occurrence that always exceeds expectations and allows creativity to flourish from all of St. Joe’s students.