Planning a socially distant GALentine’s Day


Anna Carollo

The Hunger Games is a great movie series to watch, incorporating an action-packed movie with an empowered woman. (3. on the GALentine’s day list)

Anna Carollo, Digital Managerial Editor

Who needs a significant other on Valentine’s Day? All anyone needs is a friend to spend time with on GALentine’s Day. Even in the midst of COVID-19, there are plenty of activities to do at home and around St. Louis while staying socially safe and distant. Although Valentine’s Day often has a romantic reputation, there is no problem with re-inventing the holiday for a special and fun day with friends. 

In terms of physically going out for the holiday, some ideas include: 

1.Taking a ride on the St. Louis Wheel

Of course, there are precautionary measures due to COVID-19, but the St. Louis Wheel is a nice, short getaway with a full view of the city of St. Louis. Obviously, wear a mask. Additionally, it is required to fill out a health declaration form at least 24 hours before visiting. Despite these safety conditions, the St. Louis Wheel is a great outing with a friend on GALentine’s day.

2.Taking a walk around Forest Park

Forest Park is a beautiful place to walk around and enjoy the outdoors. Whether it is cold or somewhat warm outside, dress for the weather, and take a nice walk. With friends, walking can be easy exercise that makes everyone enjoy the outdoors and socially interact with one another. Just make sure to wear a mask.

Senior Kelsey Auer loves exercise, and she never lets weather get in the way of taking a long walk.

“Walks are so therapeutic, and Forest Park has so much scenery that I enjoy. Even if it is snowing, I will dress for the occasion and brace the cold. I always feel so refreshed after walking,” Kelsey said.


Next, staying home can be just as entertaining- maybe even better for some. Additionally, it pretty much guarantees safety from COVID-19. Some at-home activities include:


1.Binge-watching a movie or TV series

Who doesn’t love a night in front of a screen? From the All American show on Netflix or The Hunger Games series or even watching a chick-flick like Mean Girls, a night with television might be the perfect thing. As a relaxing yet captivating experience with friends, girls can gossip, obsess over an attractive actor, and laugh at a comedic film. 

2.Caring for skin during a spa night

Days for self-care are always necessary, and there is no better time to kick back and relax with some friends than on GALentine’s day with a face mask and painted nails. As simple as this night may sound, sometimes the best conversations and experiences with friends are when nothing much is going on. Caring for oneself- from skin to the mind- through nice conversations with friends can make this day special and cleansing.

3.Getting creative

While art does not always engage everyone, it is very individualized for oneself, whether society deems someone talented or not. The entire goal for getting creative on this GALentine’s day is to release any negative emotions (from the restrictions of COVID-19, for example) or embrace optimism for any reason. Additionally, there are countless mediums and absolutely no limitations for art. From paint, colored pencils, drawings, collages, and even digital art, the possibilities are endless, and getting creative in any way may bring refreshing joy to oneself amongst peers.


Out of all these at-home options, baking seems to be the most enjoyable with friends. From healthy desserts or sugary sweets, baking can make stomachs feel good along with the mind. 

Senior Grace Kertz spent all of quarantine last year baking and trying new recipes, so she is especially excited to bake some more during her GALentine’s day.

“I never was an avid baker before quarantine, but now I bake anytime I have the opportunity. I love chocolate, and it is probably good for me if I share the sweets with my friends, so I do not eat them all,” Grace jokingly mentioned.

In fact, it may even be fun to have a friendly competition to see who bakes the best treat. It is even possible to combine baking with a movie night, so no one gets hungry during the movie or show. 

In the end, a significant other is never necessary when it comes to GALentine’s day. All anyone needs is a single friend or multiple friends. The most important thing is spending quality time with friends, even if it defies the typical romantic stereotype of Valentine’s day.