Preparing for Basketball Tryouts


Last year’s basketball team shows off their hard work.

Ella Kertz, Staff Writer


Monday, November 2

Session A: Freshman 4:45pm-6:00pm

Session B: Sophomore, Junior, Senior 6:20pm-8:00pm


Tuesday, November 3

Session A: Freshman and Sophomores 4:45pm-6:00pm

Session B: Juniors and Seniors 6:20pm-8:00pm


Wednesday, November 4- Final Cuts

Freshman and JV teams 4:45pm-6:00pm

Varsity team 6:15pm-7:45pm


As basketball tryouts are approaching, many students are wondering how they can have the best shot at making a team. Having been the Varsity basketball manager since sophomore year, I have an outside perspective on what works and what does not work. The tryouts schedule is listed here along with some of my most useful tips and tricks in order to prepare you tryouts:

1. Go in as fit as you can possibly be.

If you are in shape, you will have one less thing to worry about! You need lots of endurance for basketball, and if you prepare beforehand, you can focus more time on perfecting your skills and memorizing the plays.

2.Don’t be stressed out.

I know this is easier said than done, but if you go into tryouts with confidence, you will perform much better. Take it from me when I say that being stressed out for tryouts (soccer) has only made me play worse … just relax.

3.Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

It is inevitable that you will make mistakes. Coaches notice how you react to mistakes, so stay positive. Everyone will mess up every once in a while, but move on and continue to push yourself. Don’t hold back anything just because you are afraid to mess up.

4.Work as hard as you possibly can (even when you think the coaches aren’t watching).

Senior Varsity player Michele Origliasso said, “Just have fun during tryouts, but work hard at the same time.”

The coaches love hard workers, and if you are putting in the effort, they will notice.

Similarly, “Bring 110% to every tryout and practice,” junior player Kiley Duchardt adds.

5.Get excited for future trips (The basketball team is constantly on the move)!

Last year, the varsity team traveled to Orlando, Florida, and this year will be traveling to Fort Myers, Florida. The teams frequently travel to Columbia, Missouri as well, so you will have plenty of time to bond with your teammates. 

“The tournaments around the holidays are always a blast!” Michele said.

Team trips are filled with lots of fun, good food, and new experiences.

6.Have a positive attitude!

“Show up with a good attitude and allow the coaches to coach you. They only want to make you better, so listen to them and their advice, and do your best to improve,”  Kiley advises.

Support and uplift your teammates no matter the situation. No one wants a “Negative Nelly” on the team, so positivity is key.

7.Pay attention to any changes in the schedule.

We all know that there are so many unknown possibilities due to COVID-19, so times may change during tryouts (or even practices and games). Be on the lookout for new information and listen to the coaches.

8.Fill out all of your MSHSAA forms.

These forms are essential, and if you don’t have them filled out, you might not get to play. Bug your parents to fill them, because they have to be completed! Just do it.

9.Eat healthy and drink LOTS of water.

Your body needs to be fueled for tryouts, so make sure you are eating healthy foods and drinking a lot of water beforehand. You don’t want to be dehydrated or tired at practice. Getting enough sleep is also essential. Do everything in your power in order to ensure you have maximum energy.

10.Get to know the coaches!

This is my last and best tip. Yes, the coaches will push you, but they will always support you. Not only do they want you to be the best basketball player possible, they want you to be the best person possible. They will instill values into you that you will never forget. Don’t take them for granted!