Who Is SJA’s New Teacher: Dr. Arlene Galve-Salgado?

Doctor Arlene Galve-Salgado and her family.

Julia Rhodes, Senior Staff Writer

Arlene Galve-Salgado is one of our six new teachers here at St. Joseph’s Academy this year. She teaches Spanish II in room 103. 

Dr. Arlene Galve-Salgado, also known by her students as “Doctora Galve,” grew up in Mexico City, Mexico. She moved to America in 2007. While in the United States, she got her master’s degree in teaching, studied as an education specialist, and then got another degree in education. Spanish is currently what she teaches here at St. Joe; however, it is not the only subject she has taught. Before teaching at St. Joe, Doctora Galve taught psychology and career development at a private high school in Mexico. She has also taught Spanish in the United States at other schools as well. 

She has been married to her husband, who is a computer engineer, for 30 years. They have two sons and two beautiful granddaughters.

In explaining why she came to St. Joe, Doctora Galve remarks, “I can really identify with the culture and values because I grew up in a similar school.”

She attended an all-girls Catholic high school in Mexico. She claims that St. Joe teaches many lessons and instills the values that she also was taught in school. While in high school, she enjoyed playing basketball (although, she claims she does not have her skills anymore), and she was even in the dance club. She enjoys dance styles including salsa and bachata. 

She is excited yet also a little nervous to be coming to a new school. 

“No matter how many years of teaching, when you are in a new environment, there are new policies and procedures you will need to learn,” she said.

However, she also stated, “It has gotten easier, and every day I learn new things.” 

She seems to be adapting extremely well to St. Joe’s rules and policies, especially during this uncertain and interesting time, and I think her students would agree. 

One of her Spanish II students, Lucie McMillen, even said, “I like how she is really invested in our learning and wants us to keep working and strive to do our best.” 

Altogether, St. Joe is incredibly lucky to have Doctora Arlene Galve-Salgado as one of our new teachers this year, and we cannot wait for an incredible school year with her.