Little Women, Big Hearts


(Left to right) Maggie Kutz as Meg, Hannah Kinnison as Jo, Mary Hayes as Marmie, Julia Ringhausen as Beth, Rosie Schibig as Amy.

Sophie Gloriod, Staff Writer

Though they might be described as little, their personalities are anything but. Little Women is a heartwarming tale about the four March sisters and their adventures together during the Civil War. They stick together through good times and bad.

The cast of Little Women practices a dance during rehearsals. (Photo Sophie Glorid)

Just like here at St. Joe, the March sisters have adopted an attitude of Not I, But We. Sophomore Rosie Schibig, who plays Amy March in the show, agrees.

“ The sisters are always there for each other and in a time of need they turn to each other for help, which is exactly what the girls at St. Joe do for each other,” Schibig said.

The musical will show on October 26 and 27.

Little Women’s performances are October 26th and 27th at 7pm. (Photo Sophie Glorid)

“The cast is extremely talented, the story is beautiful, and it is going to be a wonderful show,” senior Maggie Kutz, who plays Meg March in the show, said as she shares her excitement for the show.

This little show is too big to miss!  And the St. Joe theater is not the only place to see the March sisters. Little Women will also be coming to the big screen for a remake of the classic tale on September 28.