Who and What are the Frontenac Voices?


Julia von der Lancken

This image captures a few of the Frontenac Voices in their natural environment. Pictured (left to right): Senior Molly Thompson, Senior Natalie McAtee, Senior Erin Voigt, and Junior Meredith Dunn.

Julia von der Lancken, Senior Staff Writer

There is no doubt almost every student at St. Joseph’s Academy has heard of the Frontenac Voices. They are a name synonymous with prestige, excellence, and, most importantly, extraordinary musical talent. But who are the Frontenac Voices? Are they a well-kept secret organization composed only of the best? Are they prestigious women who dedicate themselves to the art of music?


The adored music instructor at Saint Joseph’s Academy, Mr. David Kowalczyk, has great admiration for the Frontenac voices.


“I love Frontenacs because I get to work with some of the most talented students in our school. Everyone who’s in the group wants to be there. That’s not always the case in some of the other choirs. It’s a different level of working because the students are all motivated to do their best,” Mr. Kowalczyk said.


Mr. Kowalczyk has nothing but positive things to say about the Frontenac Voices’ moral character. If you must take the advice of anyone, take it from the man with more than 30 years of experience. He has firsthand knowledge of the full potential of these remarkable women, who carve out time in their busy schedules to hone their musical abilities. 


He states that, from a teacher’s perspective, who wouldn’t want to work with the most talented and motivated students at St. Joe’s?


These talented individuals juggle their studies, performances, and extracurricular pursuits in order to be a part of this illustrious group of gifted individuals. There is no doubt about these artistic young women’s unwavering dedication to their craft. 


 Of course, no respectable club could exist without the support of its members. The Frontenac Voices have received praise from gifted senior Jenna Roessler.


“Mr. Kowalczyk really pushes us to become better vocalists. If I don’t want to do a classical piece, he’ll make me do a classic piece because that will help me as a vocalist,”senior Jenna Roessler said.


Is the manner in which they conduct themselves purely serious? These young women put a lot of effort into developing themselves and are undoubtedly passionate about their gifts. Their commitment does not, however, preclude lightheartedness or levity. Above all, the Frontenac Voices are sisters. They cooperate in the pursuit of shared interests and strive to improve not only themselves but also those around them.


The Frontenac Voices’ unity, according to Jenna, is truly exceptional. She thinks that despite their differences, their shared love of music is what brings them together. 


The Frontenac Voices are a select group of singers who are constantly striving to better their abilities. The brand is associated with an undeniable passion and drive for musicianship. Despite their polished look, they are an intertwined sisterhood that supports one another through the gift of song. 


Jenna encourages people who have a passion to pursue it. She believes that if they want doors to open and opportunities to present themselves, they should join the Frontenac Voices.


The Frontenac Voices are an intertwined group of young women who place unity and excellence above all else. They are sisters in song. Regardless of the situation, they work to strengthen one another. If you have a passion for music and want a wonderful connection with so many talented young women, then consider joining the Frontenac Voices.

The Frontenac Voices frequently work to sharpen their skills. In this image, the group works on sight reading for an upcoming audition. (Julia Von der Lancken)