Looking into Legally Blonde Auditions at SJA


Lucy Broun

Sophomore Kathryn Portman practices her choreography on stage.

Lucy Broun, Senior Staff Writer

SJA’s Fine Arts department is presenting Legally Blonde this fall. The rehearsals for this production began on Mon., Aug. 22 and will continue until the opening night of the show, Fri., October 21. 


Legally Blonde is the musical adaptation of the novel Legally Blonde by Amanda Brown. The story follows a sorority girl, Elle Woods, who goes to Harvard Law School to win back her ex-boyfriend, Warner Huntington III. She surprises herself and those around her with her skill for law and how she changes throughout the story. 


The first step toward auditioning was students attending an informational meeting afterschool on August 11. At this meeting, potential actresses and crew members learned about the audition process, timeline, and the various roles available in the show. 


Following this meeting, the first round of auditions took place on Aug. 16 after school until 5:30. For their audition, actresses were required to prepare one of two songs. They could either perform “Ireland” or “So Much Better,” which are features in the musical. The following day certain actresses attended callbacks. 


After these auditions, Mrs. Janine Albes, Director of Theatre Productions, along with Mr. David Kowalczyk, Director of Music, and Ms. Nicki Tipton, Director of Choreography, had to make “very tough” decisions regarding which parts actresses should play. 


Many students involved in the audition process said they had very positive experiences. Senior Makayla Plunkett has been involved in theater at SJA for many years, and was present during this audition process. 


“Out of every audition I have done, I felt the most comfortable and connected to the cast for this show since the very start of our audition process,” Makayla said. 


The final cast list was posted on Aug 19 after school. The list features: 

Natalie McAtee as Elle Woods

Erin Voigt as Vivienne Kensington

Frankie Schuman as Enid Hoopes

Molly Thompson as Winthrop

Lucy Kelley as Kate and Pforzheimer

Taylor Gilbert as Brooke Wyndham and Pilar

Abby Latsch as Chutney Wyndham

Makayla Plunkett as Paulette

Caitlyn Avery as Margot 

Molly Sallaberry as Serena

Cecilia Simpson as Gaelen

Cole Joyce as Warner Huntington III

Joe Guzon as Sundeep Agrawal Padamadan

Brendan Ash as Emmett Forrest

Sofi Aiello as Lowell

Jenna Akins as Jet Blue Pilot

Keegan Pepple as Professor Callahan and Dewey

Julia von der Lanken as Judge and Erin Schultz

Nora Weisharr as Store Manager

Maya Zimmerman as Saleswoman and Prison Guard

Izzy Stadnyk as Kiki

Kiran Rudd as Stylist

Ava Swan as Cashier

Catherine Frew as Bookish Client. 


The list also includes Paige Cudihee,  Eliza Drayton, Ryan Hauck, Kathryn Portman, and Molly Thompson as Delta Nus, and Jenna Akins, Abby Latsch, Summer Pullen, Nora Weishaar, and Allison Winkeler as Law Students, Salon Patrons and Workers. 


The cast is very diverse across grade levels. It consists of seniors, sophomores, and freshmen from SJA. 


Senior Molly Thompson has auditioned for and participated in four musical productions at SJA. 


“It made me so happy to see so many freshmen join the audition process,” Molly said.  

Both students involved in and those simply planning on attending the production said they are “very excited” for Legally Blonde to come to SJA.

The full 2022 Legally Blonde cast list. (Lucy Broun)