Entering Dress Shopping Season!


Maddie Bookout

Seniors showing off their junior rings, and dresses from last years’ ceremony.

Brighton McDaniel, Senior Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year… dress season shopping! Here at the Academy, there are multiple events coming up that require swanky new fashion. The entire student body has Father Daughter on March 28, sophomores have their dance on March 25, juniors have Junior Ring on April 1, and finally, seniors have prom on May 6 and Graduation on May 26. With all these fun events coming up, many dresses are needed!

Sophomore Abbie Dugan has found a way to go dress shopping, even if you do not like shopping. 

“I always get my dresses from Amazon so I can order multiple dresses that I like, they get delivered to my doorstep in two days, then I try them on and choose which one is my favorite! It is the most efficient way for me to pick out a dress,” Abbie said. 

There are a variety of places students can shop online for dresses such as Lulus, Hello Molly, Lucy In The Sky, and That’s So Fetch. All of these online stores are affordable and have plenty of cute dresses to choose from. They all have St. Joe-worthy options and follow the rule of modesty, which makes dress shopping much easier.

If you are looking to shop locally there are many options to choose from including Macy’s, Dillards, Calla Lily Formals & Prom Dresses, and Prom and Beyond. 

Senior Mallory Minana has some good dress shopping advice. 

“I’m not going to lie, always check your sister’s closest first for some good options and if that doesn’t work then I check Lulus or go to MOD,”  Mallory said. 

With all these upcoming events it could be a smart and fun idea to check your sister’s or friend’s closet.  Many people only wear a dress once or twice, so this is a great way to be money conscious.  Plus, dresses can look completely different on others due to body type and styling of the outfit. It is always fun to share, and saving money is an added bonus! 

Students are undoubtedly excited for this dance season and all of the preparations that come with it.  Everyone wants to look their best and find something that fits their personality.  With all of the options of stores both online and locally, every girl should be able to find the dress of her dreams.