Good Times and Tan Lines


Emma Hild

Beautiful sunset in Navarre, Florida last spring break.

Emma Hild, Senior Staff Writer

Whether one is going somewhere or having a staycation, all the Angels can agree that Spring Break is much-needed.  With all the snow lately, it may be hard to think about spring.  But who won’t welcome seven days to hang out with friends, go to the beach, sightseeing, and sleep in. This year all vacation houses were booked up quickly.  So, where are St. Joe students going?

Senior Lilly Skaggs is going to Destin, Florida with some friends.

“ I think the most exciting part is that I can anticipate a week of zero homework, zero stress, and zero obligations. I am definitely super grateful,” Lilly said.

Juniors Madi Hannekan, Sophie Middendorf, and Clare Barry are also going to Florida.

“ I am super excited to go to Florida and to relax! I am most looking forward to the warm weather,” Madi said.

“I am excited to be in the sun, on the beach with my friends, and play beach volleyball.  I am also excited to be surrounded by the beach community,” Sophie said.

“ I am going to Rosemary, Florida, and I am most excited to go relax on the beach and hang out with my friends!” Clare said.

Sophomore Rory Williams talked about what she is looking forward to most over spring break.

“ I may possibly be going to tour Quincy University and potentially Branson, which I am most excited for!” Rory said.

Junior Kaitlin Einwalter is switching up the trend from the beaches and is headed to the mountains.

“ I am visiting a few colleges in Colorado, and then I am going skiing,” Kaitlyn said.

Wherever the Angels are doing over break, it sounds like all the students are ready to relax and enjoy a stress-free week!