Angels Set the Stage for the Missions



Sahiti Mumgandi performing “Falling” by Harry Styles

Frankie Schuman, Senior Staff Writer

As an annual mission week tradition, the Music for the Missions showcase was a success. The many performers kept the audience focused through the 60 minute show in the evening of November 16. Hosted by seniors Heidi Gardener and Grace Bradely in the St. Joe theater, the show attracted many current students, faculty, and staff. 

Through these many singers, dancers, and musicians, there were two comedy skits as well. Both were successful, and one of them was performed by seniors Olivia Spalitto and Katie Wilke. They did a rendition of the childhood favorite “Hot Cross Buns” that had nearly the entire audience in laughter. In many other acts, there was interaction between the crowd and the performers. 

Junior Amanda Favazza attended the show, and was not disappointed with the entertainment. 

“The crowd was involved through the whole show” and “the excitement built with every high note and joke,” she said. 

Each performer had plenty of love and support from the animated spectators. 

Senior Sahiti Mumgandi sang “Falling” by Harry Styles. 

The greatest part was “seeing so many supporters in the crowd” and “feeling so much love and appreciation afterwards,” Sahiti said.

Overall, the night was a huge success. The air was thick with warmth for the performers, and for the cause that the entire St. Joe community is so passionate to serve. All of the love for one another was on full display as the Angels were on the stage. We all have beautiful gifts, and the greatest way to use them is for the sake of the Dear Neighbor.