Funderwear is a Go!


Kara Keifer

Funderwear 2020

Brighton McDaniel, Senior Staff Writer

The 18th annual Funderwear game is a go! While the basketball game was originally supposed to take place January 11, due to COVID concerns it has been pushed back to April 20 where St. Joe and Cor Jesu will compete in soccer. Students from both schools collect socks and underwear to donate to St. Patrick’s Center for the homeless.

Funderwear is a friendly competition where each school tries to collect the most socks and underwear as they can. Whichever school brings in the most wins the “pants” trophy for that year. Cor Jesu has won this part of Funderwear for many, many years. That is partially because they have a bigger student body. So, this year the competition has been amended to count the number of donations per capita, and it is time to take the “pants” trophy back.  

Senior and Spirit Club President Kate Underwood looks forward to Funderwear every year. 

“By coming together to support St. Patrick’s Center, the school can realize just how much our donations are valued. We can understand how something as small as a pair of socks can impact someone,” Kate said. 

Since the St. Joe community already collected for Funderwear in January, there will not be another one at school, but everyone is encouraged to bring more donations on game day. At halftime it is announced who wins the “pants” for that year, also there is a tug of war game between students. 

We have a very strong line up for the Tug of War game! Stay tuned for that! Everyone gets loud and proud during this game. It is safe to say that this is one of the biggest events of the year.

Ms. Hailey Meersman, math teacher and Spirit Club moderator, has a lot of high hopes for this year’s funderwear. 

“I am most looking forward to finally taking that trophy back to our school and ruining the winning streak that Cor Jesu is so proud of. They’ve gotten a little too confident and it will be a humbling experience for them. I am also really excited for tug of war – our starting line up is unreal,” Ms. Meersman said. 

This year’s Funderwear is going to be one for the books. Not only are all of the St. Joe soccer teams planning to dominate on the field, but the student body also plans to take home a win for charity.