Funderwear: Coming Together for a Cause


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This photo was taken at Funderwear in 2019!

Lilly Skaggs, Senior Staff Writer

Nothing is better than a competition with an amazing cause, especially when St. Joe is given home-field advantage. Every year SJA competes with Cor Jesu in an annual Funderwear soccer or basketball game. Each year, the sport played for this fundraising game is rotated.  

On April 20th , 2022, this famous competition will be a soccer game. It was originally supposed to be a basketball game, but this got changed due to the rise in Covid. Both schools bring hundreds of students as fans and rally together for a cause greater than winning or losing: St. Patrick’s Center. The winner of this game is of course important, but the school which raises the most amount of socks and underwear is a winner just as important. The schools raise thousands of pairs of socks and underwear to benefit this organization and aid the homeless in our area. 

Senior Kate Underwood, Spirit Club President, is “pumped” for Funderewear this year since it has been in hibernation during COVID.

“ I am very confident that we will be able to bring home the pants this year and start a tradition that younger classes will be able to carry on once we leave. I want the underclassmen to experience the excitement Funderwear has to offer. I can’t wait to be leading everyone in cheers that will drown out the red sea, giving us the chance to defeat them in all three competitions, ” Kate said. 

Senior Allison Jansen, a varsity basketball player, also finds herself very excited for this event even thought it won’t be taking place during a basketball game, but a soccer game in the spring instead.

“Although basketball is not playing anymore, I am still excited because [Funderwear] is a good cause. The socks, underwear, etc are going to those who need it most. The fact that two high schools can come together and raise so many donations for a common good is inspiring. I am also excited because it is my last Funderwear,” Allison said. 

Winning is of course important, but two schools coming together for their community is even more important. Come and support SJA and St. Patrick’s Center on April 20 at 6pm on the St. Joe Field! Ask off of work and get your homework done early! Show up for your school and this cause.  And don’t forget to bring socks and underwear to donate to St. Patrick’s Center!