Starbucks Holiday Drinks Bring Christmas Cheer


Mary Dill

Many students enjoy hot drinks during the chilly Christmas season!

Nina Kreikemeier, Staff Writer

It is everyone’s favorite time of year again, the holiday drinks from Starbucks are back.  They have the usual winter drinks including the peppermint mocha, Irish cream cold brew, Caramel Brulee latte, toasted white chocolate mocha, and chestnut praline latte.  This year there is a new holiday drink on the menu: an iced sugar cookie almond milk latte, which everyone seems to like.

With a Starbucks right around the corner, St. Joseph’s Academy students regularly make a trip to order a drink.  Because of this, much of the student body is well-educated on holiday drinks.  

In a survey, 76% of students at St. Joe said they prefer coffees when getting a drink at Starbucks.  The other portion of the school gets tea or some other type of beverage.   Out of each holiday drink on the menu this year, the most popular with St. Joe students is the peppermint mocha.  The two next most popular drinks are the toasted white chocolate mocha and the iced sugar cookie almond milk latte, which is the newest option.  St. Joe students like other drinks during the holiday season as well.  

“I prefer coffee over tea and I enjoy getting a peppermint white chocolate mocha with no whip and blonde espresso when I go to Starbucks,”  senior Sahiti Mumgandi said. 

Another drink that is always popular around the holiday season is hot chocolate.  St. Joe students say they order either a plain or peppermint hot chocolate on cold winter days.  Lastly, there are some students at St. Joe who like cold drinks more than hot.  

“I get a strawberry acai refresher with light ice, lemonade, and no berries each time,” sophomore Grace Roethler said.

Overall, the holidays are always a fun time, especially with new drinks to try out from Starbucks.