Hitting Away the 2021 Softball Season



St. Joe Varsity Softball team in the dugout after their big win against Nerinx Hall.

Taylor Dunn, Senior Staff Writer

With this fall season ending, fall sports end with it too, and that includes softball. The St.Joe softball team includes 13 players this year and their new coach, Tyler Holman. Tyler Holman joined the St. Joseph’s Academy softball staff in fall 2020 as the assistant coach, this year he has now moved up to head coach. St.Joseph’s softball team has won a number of league titles in the past, this year was a little different though. 

This season overall they had 7 wins and 8 losses. St.Joseph’s Softball team first had a great 4-3 win against Fox Highschool on St.Joseph’s Senior Night.  After that they went on to win a most deserved game against Lafayette 5-4, making Lafayette lose their streak of winning against St.Joe’s varsity team.  One of their most impressive wins was against Nerinx Hall with a 12-1 win in districts. 

Sophomore softball player Kaitlyn Hobart mentioned, “My favorite part of the season was definitely beating Nerinx in the first round of districts.”

However, after that, they went to lose13-0  in the semi-finals against Rockwood Summit. Overall they did the best they could and seemed as if they came closer as a team. 

Freshman softball player Caroline Wheeler stated, “Softball has always been my favorite sport, and  after this season that thought is officially a solidified statement.”