Meeting Ms. Rueter


Ms. Emma Rueter

Ms. Emma Rueter

Frankie Schuman, Senior Staff Writer

¡Bienvenida a la academia de St. Joseph! Ms. Emma Rueter, or Profe Rueter to her students, is one of the 11 new staff members at St. Joe this year. For the many Spanish students at our school, the arrival of Ms. Rueter is exciting and new. Taking the place of Mrs. Dalton, she is teaching advanced Spanish classes, such as Spanish III and AP Spanish. Profe Rueter is well-versed in the Spanish language, and in many different cultures of the Central and South American continents.

Before changing careers, Ms. Rueter studied cultural anthropology. This cultural expertise also helped her when she lived in Guatemala, Brazil, and Spain. This traveling got her involved with many different languages, one being Spanish. 

“I finally decided in my forties to teach Spanish,” Profe Rueter said. “This is an exciting new opportunity.” 

Her worldly knowledge is being spread to her students through Spanish music and traditions. Her appreciation for the Spanish world is visible to her students as well, such as Junior Judith Vasquez-Perez.

“She really loves her job, and she’s willing to communicate and be patient with all of us,” Judith said. 

After her years of traveling and learning, Profe Rueter is ready to share her knowledge with the students of St. Joe and is excited to work with all members of the world language department. The school is lucky to have such a culturally diverse teacher with us, and one that is so excited to be teaching this beautiful language. Ms. Rueter would love to meet any and all students and staff at St. Joe, so don’t hesitate to come say hi! ¡Gracias por leer, adiós chicas!