Spotlighting Phenomenal Women for Women’s History Month


Mary Dill

St. Joe is committed to building generations of strong women.

Mary Dill, Digital Layout Editor

“See me as change, Say I am movement, That I am the year, And I am the era, Of the women.” – Amanda Gorman

Women’s History Month, a tradition in the United States during the month of March since 1987, commemorates the outstanding contributions by women to culture, society, and history. During this month, we celebrate International Women’s Day, the first major March on Washington for suffragists, the creation of the National Woman’s Party, and finally, the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment in 1972. From medicine to politics, women around the globe have been trailblazers, pioneers, and essential figures in shaping the history of modern society.

The St. Joe community of students and staff are committed to “strong values, strong women,” and encouraging a community of women to stand together to empower one another. The teachers and staff are dedicated to raising opinionated, unique, strong females to be a future generation of women in leadership. Additionally, teachers and staff work behind the scenes to encourage profound action and to lead by example to make little acts of history for women, each day.

Junior Grace Kelly appreciates the faculty and staff’s dedication.

“I’ve always felt so supported. No matter what I am pursuing, it seems that there is always a teacher to provide resources, advice, or whatever help I may need,” Grace said.

After examining Women’s History Month, it is important to take time to understand feminism and how it affects women in modern society. The first and second waves placed women in an outstanding position, with various women’s rights groups, fantastic opportunities to engage in gender studies, and more equal rights by law. However, the third wave of feminism manifests that derogatory language and slang to degrade women will be no more. In addition, third-wave feminists work to be more inclusive to women of color, and it includes their unique struggle in the feminist movement. Finally, feminists in the third wave are working to be even more inclusive and empowering towards women everywhere.

Olivia Hattrich is one feminist who loves the inclusivity of Women’s History Month.

“I am proud to be a feminist. I’ve spent a lot of time experiencing injustice that is unique to women, and I’ve spent even more time watching empowered women rise to the challenges in front of them. There is nothing taboo about feminism,” Olivia said.

At St. Joe women are consistently encouraged to follow the cultural norms, lean into discomfort, and honor change. This Women’s History Month, St. Joe applauds the phenomenal women who have given their time, talent, and even their lives to be examples of empowered women.