Staying In the Loop with SJA’s Theater Department


Brian Ebbinghaus

The official poster for the 2020 Fall production.

Julia Rhodes, Senior Staff Writer

St. Joe has many norms, and it is hard to imagine the school with them. St. Joe’s Fall Musical is one of them. Every year, the school presents a theater production in the fall. Auditions are usually held in early September and the directors, cast, and crew all work extremely hard to get an incredible show up-and-running by the end of October. This event always draws in a large crowd, and the tickets raise a lot of money for St. Joe’s theater department. Last year’s show “Chicago” was even nominated for four St. Louis High School Musical Theater awards, and they successfully took one home. 

However, 2020’s musical is forced to be different. Instead of Mrs. Albes- the show’s director- choosing a typical musical such as Mary Poppins or The Little Mermaid, the production will focus on human rights and social justice. Before auditions, Mrs. Albes sent an email out to the students and staff of St. Joe asking for their voices to be heard in this show. She gave everyone an opportunity to submit their own content, whether that include essays, songs, monologues, scripts, etc., focusing on social justice. The SJA student body and staff did not disappoint. 

“We had a wonderful turnout of submissions, more than we could use,” Mrs. Albes said. “Well written. Beautiful narratives. Compelling.”

In addition to the work that Mrs. Albes received, she did a lot of her own research on each topic by watching videos and reading so that she could capture the essence of the issues she wanted to focus on.

Another way that this production is different than most is that there will be no singing or dancing. While the show is usually filled with lively dance numbers and charming voices, this year will be strictly dialogue. 

Some may be asking what the future of St. Joe’s theater department looks like. After this show, the department will stage a production of A Christmas Carol, which will be performed on two M.O.R.E. days in December. As far as the second semester goes, that is still a mystery like most things right now. The plan will be updated as we draw nearer to it. 

Students will be able to see this human rights and social justice production on two M.O.R.E. days: November 2nd and November 9th. Last year’s production had students excited for this fall production.

“I can’t wait to see the show this year!” sophomore Emma Woolcott said.

While St. Joe’s Fall musical may look a little different this year, it is guaranteed to be one that is remembered and enjoyed.