Meeting Ms. Hill: New Teacher Spotlight

Ms. Hill
These are some beautiful pictures featuring the new Freshman Computer Science Application teacher, Ms. Hill! Some of them include her beautiful daughter, Eleanor!

Lucie McMillen, Staff Writer

“I thank God every day if not every week, that I’m here. I just love how God works and how things have transcended into what they are now,”  Ms. Carrie Hill, the new Freshman Computer Science Applications teacher, said. Ms. Hill joins the list of new faculty welcomed at St. Joe this year.

Ms. Hill explains that she chose St. Joe because of experience at a job fair. Last March during a job fair, many different booths were set up for a variety of job opportunities. Mrs. Sudekum and Mrs. Washington both were at a booth for St. Joe. Ms. Hill mentions that she could not stop going back to the booth to talk to the principal and diversity coordinator. Her urge to go back told her that St. Joe was definitely one of her top schools. Ms. Hill explains that she did a lot of praying and talking with God, and if she received a job offer at St. Joe, she would immediately take it. Clearly, she did receive an offer, and she believes St. Joe to be a perfect fit for her. Ms. Hill loves that she relates to how her colleagues prefer to teach, which was not the case at her old schools. 

Before teaching at St. Joe, Ms. Hill taught preschool children for two years, English for four years, and she tutored as well. In total, she has about 12 years of teaching experience. She has an English degree, but she wants to get her masters in Educational Technology. She will actually be finishing this degree in about a month. As of right now, she is only teaching freshmen, with occasional sophomore transfers. Currently, she is teaching four classes each semester.

“I like all of the fun projects we do such as the ‘All About Me’ presentation. My favorite part was how much creative freedom we had with it,” freshman Karina Weiss explained.

This is Ms. Hill’s first year teaching Computer Science. She has always wanted to teach it, so she is ecstatic to get the opportunity to, and she feels she is in the right place to begin this position.

Besides being a teacher at St. Joe, Ms. Hill is also the oldest sibling to three sisters and one brother. Ms. Hill has a daughter named Eleanor who is almost three. In her free time, she loves to watch movies, workout, and bake. In high school, Ms. Hill was part of the improv troupe, and throughout elementary and middle school, she played volleyball and basketball. Football is something she loves as well. 

Altogether, even though Ms. Hill has only been with us for several weeks, she loves the community aspect of St. Joe, and she can tell that everyone really cares about one another. She is very excited to dive deeper into life at St. Joe, and she cannot wait to meet more people. Ms. Hill wants everyone to know that she will always be around to talk or listen if anyone ever needs to talk.