Driving with your Windows Down


Lily Pingleton '23

Concerts are a great way to find new music, just as Lily Pingleton did with Houndmouth.

Liv Brusatti, Senior Staff Writer

As temperatures increase, it is the time for listening to music with the windows down and sunroofs open. To truly enjoy these car rides, a few things are necessary: first, a good driver, the perfect weather, and, most importantly, the perfect playlist. Different songs have different connotations–different memories or feelings they summon for the human mind. Within these connotations are songs that remind of warm, windows down, weather.

While new music is undoubtedly good, there is an indisputable nostalgia associated with older songs. These may differ between people–based on one’s individual experiences, but some general examples could include “She Looks So Perfect” by 5 Seconds of Summer, “Riptide” by Vance Joy, “22” by Taylor Swift, “Cool for the Summer” by Demi Lovato, and more. These songs strike a chord with most current high school students, as they were popular, and played often when students were at a different point in their lives, a point that has since become much more distant.

Sophomore Izzy Winfield is quite the fan of having her windows down. She enjoys songs from the 2010s. 

“I love the song ‘Ribs’ by Lorde. You can really jam out—by yourself or with friends” Izzy said.

Nostalgic songs will differ from person to person, from generation to generation, so non-highschoolers will have a different plethora of songs considered nostalgic. These could include songs from bands like Bon Jovi, The Smiths, AC/DC, and The Rolling Stones. Many current teenagers know these songs, but adults associate them with a differnt feeling from a different time.

Mr. Andrew Lodes, a theology teacher, loves windows-down songs.

“I can’t list just one song,” Mr. Lodes said, then gave a list of some 15 songs, including songs by artists like Queen, Jimmy Buffet, and Zac Brown Band.  

Newer music provides a different appeal—songs by indie bands like Wallows or Vista Kicks, along with music from more well-known artists such as Olivia Rodrigo, Ariana Grande, or Hozier—give the chance to experience hearing a great song for the first time. With songs like “Kiss Her You Fool” by Kids That Fly, “honey” by Coastal Club, and “Anything You Want” by JAWNY. Songs must, simply, have a certain indescribable feeling to be a windows-down song.

Junior Lauren Hickham, a self-proclaimed music aficionado, has numerous songs she would categorize as perfect for this weather. 

When asked to pick one, her answer was “‘Favorite Liar’ by the Wrecks because it’s blissful. 

“I first heard this song live and it was the best concert I’ve been to,” Lauren said.

As the weather slowly cascades into summer, a perfectly crafted playlist entitled “Windows Down” is quite necessary. Whether filled with nostalgic 2000s songs, classic songs from the 20th century, or music from up and coming indie bands, the feeling gained from listening is priceless.