10 Ways to Create Your Dream Staycation

Visit the new St. Louis Aquarium on your staycation!

As every Angel knows, spring break is right around the corner. While traveling to a new place can be fun, sometimes staying in good ole’ St. Louis can be worth your while. Whether it is downtown, Forest Park, or even St. Charles, St. Louis is filled with lots of spring break worthy attractions.
1. Go to the Zoo! St. Louis is known for its amazing Zoo, why not go! Bring some friends and spend some time with all the animals. Plus, there are plenty of places to take great photos!
2. Have a picnic on Art Hill. The weather has finally turned the corner to warmth, so there’s no better way to spend your time than getting your friends together and having a picnic. Put on your favorite upbeat playlist, pack some delicious snacks to share, and meet your friends in Forest Park.
3. Go out to lunch at a new restaurant. St. Louis has tons of fun, new restaurants and cafés that are perfect for lunch with your friends. Find a place, such as the Fountain on Locust, that has cool seats and great food.
4. Visit the new Aquarium! The Aquarium first opened on December 25 of last year and is only 25 dollars per person. There are over 13,000 aquatic animals, including sharks and stingrays.
5. Take a ride on the Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel is located downtown and has an amazing view of the city. This wheel is a fitting attraction for St. Louis because the first Ferris Wheel debuted at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. Tickets are 15 dollars and you can go around the wheel three-four times before your ride is up.
6. Go to the City Museum. Most people can agree that the St. Louis City Museum was an iconic part of their childhood, and it still is great even in our teens! The City Museum has all sorts of fun activities for you and your friends, including the 10 story slide. Get a group of friends together and have an exciting time exploring the City Museum.
7. Visit Main Street in St. Charles. Main Street is full of cute shops and boutiques, along with plenty of restaurants and bakeries. Grandma’s Cookies even has a shop there! You and your friends can spend a great afternoon walking around, doing some shopping, and enjoying the warm sunshine.
8. Go to the West County Mall and do some shopping! With summer on its way, everyone needs some more cute summer clothes. Why not go with your friends! The West County Mall has tons of cute stores, from H&M to Bath and Body Works, and is easy to get to.
9. Spend some time at the Art Museum. Just ask Mr. Stein, the Art Museum is a great place to spend your time! Whether you are getting your Art Museum project from Mr. Stein done or just hanging out with your friends, it is a great way to see some beautiful work from all ages.
10. Go mini-golfing at the Union Station Mini-Golf Course. Get a group of friends together and enjoy a round of mini-golf, the perfect activity for people who aren’t the best at golf but still want to have fun. Afterward, why not grab some ice cream at Ted Drewes? This is the perfect way to have a fun day during spring break.