15 Tips to Ace Fall Tryouts


2017 Varsity volleyball team winning state!

As summer comes to a close and school approaches, it is time for high school athletes to start preparing for their upcoming tryouts. Fall tryouts begin August 12 for field hockey, volleyball, tennis, cross country, and golf at St. Joe.

Here are 15 tips and tricks to ace tryouts from St. Joe’s own Varsity athletes.
1. “Run ahead of time to prepare for tryouts. Field hockey is a lot of running, so just be prepared for tons of sprints and long runs during tryouts,” junior Grace Kinzel, a varsity field hockey player, said.
2.”Keep an open mind because its anyone’s game,” junior Lily Bayer, varsity tennis player, said.
3.”Have a positive attitude the entire time. Don’t ever get down on yourself and be optimistic,” junior Jenny Mansfield, varsity field hockey player, said.
4. “There is no need to be really nervous. Everyone at tryouts is just as nervous as you are, so don’t let the nerves get in your head,” junior Ella Baer, varsity volleyball player, said.
5. “Don’t let the upperclassmen intimidate you. They are not as scary as they seem once they become your teammates,” junior Mary Mansfield, varsity field hockey player, said.
6. “Come prepared. Make sure you have all of your equipment needed to play,” Grace said.
7. “Try your absolute hardest. The coaches notice who gives their all and really take it into account,” Lily said.
8. “It is so important to drink lots of water the week of tryouts. With the heat and running, definitely stay hydrated,” Grace said.
9. “For freshman, tryouts are also a great opportunity to get to know some of your new classmates. Try to make new friends and get to know the players,” Ella said.
10. “Have fun! You should love the sport you are trying out for and be having fun as you play it,” Jenny said.
11. “Stretch before and after tryouts. That way you wont be as sore for the next day,” Mary said.
12. “Eat a healthy and filling snack before tryouts to give you lots of energy,” Ella said.
13. “Try to get a lot of good sleep during tryouts week,” Grace said.
14. “Show the coaches that you want to be there. Have a positive attitude, never give up, and try your absolute hardest to show them your enthusiasm,” Mary said.
15. “Most importantly, just get excited for your season! Playing a sport in high school is, in my opinion, one of the most amazing experiences you will have during these four years. Through tennis, I met some of my best friends, made amazing memories, and learned so much. I would not trade my experience playing a sport at St. Joe for the world,” Lily said.