St Joe Rocking the Bob

Senior Olivia Murphy rocking the bob for CWHL.

Every year, St. Joseph’s Academy finds ways to portray the school’s motto “Not I But We.” In the midst of the pandemic, it has been harder to find opportunities to provide service. St. Joe has conquered this and has found many ways to give back and connect with our larger community, whether that be through making blessing bags for those in homeless shelters, writing letters to health care workers, or even donating hair.
At SJA, it has become a tradition to donate hair to the “Children with Hair Loss” (CWHL) non-profit organization. Every other year during Mission Week or this year’s Mission Month, students and faculty gather together to participate in “Rock the Bob.” Anyone is welcome to get a fresh new chop when donating eight inches or more. As the day goes on and the adrenaline of doing good starts rushing through the students and faculty, more and more step up and decide to make the cut.
In this year’s “Rock the Bob,” St. Joe had a total of 46 students and faculty donate a whopping 378 inches of hair to CWHL. For junior Allison Jansen, she had been waiting all year for this moment.
“I’ve been growing my hair out for a while just so I could say I rocked the bob,” Allison said. “It’s such a great way to give back and help those in need.”
On the other hand, senior Olivia Murphy got wrapped up in all the excitement and decided to do good in the moment.
“I had never planned on cutting my long hair but seeing the glowing faces of everyone doing it made me want to be involved in something great,” Olivia said. “I knew I had to do it, and I’m so glad I did.”
Despite the challenges everyone has been facing during this pandemic, the Academy’s strong values shined as they all came together to help the wider community. Even those that did not cut their hair had a great time supporting their fellow angels. Some were even inspired to grow out their hair for SJA’s next “Rock the Bob.”