Celebrating Christmas with STUCO


Senior Lauren DeGrand received her candy cane from STUCO’s 12 Days of Christmas.

An annual tradition at St. Joe entails STUCO celebrating Christmas with the rest of the school during the last 12 days of school before Christmas Break. STUCO consists of representatives from each grade, along with the executive board completely composed of seniors. Although this year has undoubtedly been more difficult to connect with classmates and different grade levels in the midst of COVID-19, STUCO wanted to carry out its tradition and participate in their 12 Days of Christmas in the best way possible.
Essentially, STUCO either does a small Christmas activity or participates in some Christmas-related event that helps bring about school spirit even during a stressful time. Students, like senior Ella Kertz, remember these days as a glimpse of cher amidst the chaos of the end of the semester.
“My favorite STUCO activity from last year was when STUCO put candy canes on our lockers. It is a small thing, but it’s a nice reminder that Christmas is right around the corner,” Ella said.
Last year, candy canes were given to students, Christmas music was played during passing periods, and Christmas-themed dance parties occurred. The 12 Days of Christmas allows for a break from the busyness of upcoming final exams. This year, STUCO wishes to continue some of the same activities, while also incorporating new ideas due to regulations with COVID-19, along with many student absences from quarantine. Ideas consist of ugly Christmas sweater dress-down day, L.A.C.E. gift exchange, hot chocolate before school, and elf on the shelf hunt. While these are only a few ideas, creativity was vital this year in order to continue the tradition while maintaining safety. Student Council President Flynn Wiegner made it a priority this year to maintain some sense of tradition.
“I really wanted to continue the tradition because it is something I always look forward to. I knew it would be more difficult this year, but it is very much possible, and it’s a fun way to get in the Christmas spirit,” Flynn said.
Altogether, STUCO’s 12 Days of Christmas is a perfect way to remind students of an upcoming school break and special holiday. Despite hardships this year, students are doing their best to keep normality and traditions in the midst of societal changes.