Angles Give Blood!

Junior Nicole Bergen donates blood to the drive.

On January 31, St. Joe’s STUCO is hosting a blood drive in the gym. The process is simple and the outcome is impactful! Donating blood helps to save lives, and a high schooler, we are rarely offered such an opportunity! Anyone 17 or older can donate, which includes most juniors and seniors. A 16 year old can also donate with parental permission. But the drive is also not limited to students! Parents, family friends, and past students are encouraged to donate as well.
Here’s a few things to know before friday!
Donors must bring an ID and know their social security number.
Check-in to the gym.
You will be asked questions about your health and tested for your iron levels.
Donation time (it only lasts about 8-10 minutes)!
Enjoy refreshments
Grab your new, cool t-shirt!
The drive will last from 8:00 am to 12:45 pm. Similar to last year, the blood drive will be in competition with CBC to see who can give the most blood per capita. As to be expected, we hold high hopes for a victory this year.
“We are in competition with CBC, which is super fun because we have won multiple times in a row for the past few years. This year, they want to get us\; however, we are determined to win!” explains Senior STUCO rep Mallory Kimes.
Donate on Friday, January 31, and help St. Joe defeat CBC once again!