Swing into St. Louis Sports

Nora Weishaar 25′
The Weishaar family cheering on the Cardinals at Busch Stadium

Whether you play a sport at St. Joe or not, they make up a big part of our day to day lives. Weekday practices and weekend sporting events quickly find a way to fill up the calendar. Even during your down time, you may find yourself tuning in to your favorite team on the TV. Needless to say, our lives revolve around sports.

St. Joe spring sports, such as soccer, lacrosse, and track, have recruited new teammates from tryouts and kicked off their season. But St. Joe isn’t the only one swinging their sports into action. St. Louis has multiple sports teams that have begun their seasons or in the midst of them.

The Cardinals baseball team had their opening day on March 30. The St. Louis City soccer team is a new St. Louis sports team on the grid. Their home opening game at the newly built stadium was on March 4. Other St. Louis sports teams are the Blues hockey team and the Battlehawks XFL football team. Each team has unique characteristics which can be determining factors of St. Louis sports fans favorite teams. Some people who play softball may be more inclined to watch the Cardinals team. Others may be more interested in watching the Blues due to the fan base or atmosphere.

You may be asking yourself, what are St. Joe students’ favorite teams? Aside from the SJA Angels of course, a survey concluded that 42 percent of students enjoy watching the St. Louis Cardinals the most. About 40 percent of students reported the St. Louis Blues as their favorite sports team. The remainder of votes belong to the St. Louis City soccer team and the Battlehawks football team. This is understandable because both teams are relatively new with developing fan bases.

Surprisingly, a lot of girls chose these sports as their favorite because of their families. This would make sense though because they may have grown up with the sport and associate certain memories with it because of their families’ influence.

Sophomore Nora Weishaar explains how her love of baseball sprouted from her family. She reflects on the impact that her family members have had on her favorite sport.

“My brother is the Cardinal’s batboy and it has always been a family loved sport from birth ,” Nora said.

Due to her brother’s job and her family’s involvement, she finds herself constantly surrounded by the game.

So far this year, 57 percent of the students at St. Joe report they have gone to at least one St. Louis sports game. Multiple St. Joe students have commented on the free Cardinals tickets they have received through the Straight A program.

Freshman Izzy Stadnyk, expressed her excitement about seeing a St. Louis City soccer game.

“Me and my brother were so excited to go to a game because he is the goalie for their U16 team!” Izzy said.

The survey suggests that 43 percent of St. Joe students have not yet gone to a St. Louis sports game yet. Thankfully, the Blues, Cardinals, Battlehawks, and City teams have many more games to come- meaning many more opportunities for you to see your favorite St. Louis sports team!