A Perfect Quiet Sanctuary

Where do St. Joe students like to study?

The St. Joe library is a great place to study during one’s free time.

Productivity can only happen when one is entirely focused on their task, and being entirely focused starts with finding a perfect environment to work peacefully and without distraction. However, a study space encouraging productivity can be hard to come by if one doesn’t know where to start.

Thankfully, there are many places around St. Joe that are readily available for students looking for a place to study during school. The library, collaboration room, quiet room, commons, and even Cup of Joe are good places to sit during one’s free time to be productive.

Freshman Chloe Gloriod likes to use her free time to study during school.

“My favorite place to study at SJA is in the shine shack/collab room because it is always so comfy, and you will always have a friend there,” Chloe said.

Like Chloe, many other students find their “peace and quiet” around the school.

Senior Vivien Kozeny found her perfect place to study during school hours.

“I love studying in Cup of Joe as it is a nice and secluded space to study,” Vivien said.

Although, some students choose to study from the comfort of their own homes. Of the polled students, 79.2 percent enjoy studying and doing homework in their bedrooms. Whether they are productive from their desk or comfy bed, these students value relaxation as a crucial part of their effectiveness in studying.

However, other students choose to study in different places around their houses. Many study on their kitchen counters and dining room tables, but some like to study outside to clear their heads of distractions by breathing in the fresh air around them.

Still, some students branch out by studying in places around St. Louis that are outside of St. Joe and their homes. Among these places are coffee shops, libraries, and restaurants. Many students like to study at various Starbucks locations around St. Louis; however, some choose more local coffee shops, such as Coma Coffee in Richmond Heights. Likewise, some students choose to be productive at Bread Co. (also known as Panera Bread), where they can have a snack while they study. Others like the quietness of libraries, such as the St. Louis County Library.

No matter where one chooses to study, the space must be quiet enough to encourage productivity while still being a place where students can enjoy the atmosphere around them. Finding the perfect place that envelops all their studying needs might take a while, but it will be much easier to focus once one discovers it. Therefore, it will make it easier for one’s to-do list to disappear much faster. However, one really cannot go wrong in choosing a quiet place to study. Look around. The possibilities for one’s own quiet sanctuary are endless.