Prose and Poise: Performing Poetry

On April 20, SJA hosted its annual poetry slam. This event took place from 5:30 to around 7:00 in the DePaul room and gave students and faculty members the opportunity to share original poetry or songs as well as published poetry and songs that they like. The event was co-sponsored by the Literati of SJA (National English Honors Society) and DCC (Diversity, Culture, and Climate).
Twenty-one students signed up to read at the poetry slam; however, following students’ performances, more students chose to read or perform. The culminating performance was by Mr. Ted Faulhaber, SJA’s permanent substitute teacher. He performed one of his favorite poems from when he was an English teacher. He dressed as the poet and even brought in a large canvas illustration of the poem created by one of his former students. Students read everything from original works to Robert Frost or even Maya Angelou.
One student who attended the slam, but did not read was junior Kaylie Giljum. She found the experience very inspiring.
“I really enjoyed the poetry slam because of people’s willingness to open up and be vulnerable in such a moving way,” Kaylie said.
National English Honor Society moderator and English teacher Ms. Daniella Moshi was responsible for organizing the event, and truly found it to be a rewarding experience.
“I enjoyed that even after the original people who signed up performed, more people were inspired to go up and share. My favorite thing was probably freshman Cecila Simpson who went up and shared or the Irish exchange students deciding to perform a poem. I think it speaks to SJA and how they felt comfortable enough with our community to go up and share,”
This event, while small, had an incredible impact on those who attended. Attending and reading at next year’s slam is highly encouraged and students and faculty alike are looking forward to next year’s readings.