The Frontenac Voices Return


Erin Voigt

Sophomore Meredith Dunn, junior Kate Theerman-Rodriguez, and senior Kathleen Dolan practice for the upcoming Winter Concert.

Erin Voigt, Digital Layout Editor

One of the most beloved parts of the St. Joe tradition is the advanced singing group, the Frontenac Voices. After a long summer, they are back and better than ever. Tryouts were held at the beginning of August to see who would make the elite singing group, which is managed by Mr. David Kowalczyk, the choir director at St. Joe.

  Mr. Kowalczyk explained that it is always “very difficult” to select the members of the choir.

“They have to be strong singers on their own as well as be able to harmonize and blend well with other singers,” he said. “This year, I was presented with many talented singers, and I think that this is going to be a great year for the Frontenacs.”

The group this year is composed of 13 singers: three sophomores, nine juniors, and one senior. The group is also made up of nine veterans and four new faces. The four newcomers include junior Caitlin Avery and three sophomores: Mackenzie Golomski, Meredith Dunn, and Abby Meyer. There are also nine returning members including senior Kathleen Dolan and juniors Natalie McAtee, Lucy Kelley, Sophie Middendorf, Jenna Roessler, Molly Thompson, Kate Theerman-Rodriguez, Erin Voigt, and Anna Wingermuehle. 

Lucy Kelley, one of the juniors on Frontenacs, states that it is a tight-knit group.

“I love the girls that were chosen to be in the Frontenacs this year! Everyone is so supportive of each other, and I couldn’t ask for a better way to start my morning!” she said.

The Frontenacs meet at 7:15 each morning, singing songs and getting ready for upcoming events. This year, the Frontenacs have performed at masses held at St. Joe’s and have sung at the Mother Daughter Mass and Brunch. There are many more events to come! They are currently practicing for their winter concert set to take place in person in December. 

Junior Brynley Wall always enjoys hearing the choir during school events.

“The Frontenacs are such an amazing part of the St. Joe community and are always so much fun to listen to!”

Even though it has taken a while, the Frontenacs are finally back and there is music in the halls again!