Affirmation Week at the Academy


Brighton McDaniel

One of the many encouraging posters posted around St. Joe.

Brighton McDaniel, Senior Staff Writer

This year was the first year with Affirmation Week at St. Joe. All around school there were posters with activities scrawled on them in colorful marker. If a student passed by it during the week and it was an activity, holiday, event, or show she enjoyed, then she would write her name on the poster. The Affirmation spaces were places where girls could go and reflect. Mrs. Hasbrouck, Ms. Williams, Ms. Hotop, and Mrs. Landherr were all involved in Affirmation Week. 

Mrs. Trisha Hasbrouck who was in charge of Affirmation week wanted the girls to know that they are loved. 

“The biggest takeaway I wanted for our girls was to know they are loved and supported for being exactly who they are. Their worth as a person and a child of God is not lessened or diminished by our current societal climate or turmoil and divide,” Mrs. Hasbrouck said. “Having a different opinion does not in any way reduce their inherent worth as a human being. The affirmation spaces were places for students to go to reflect, recharge, and reset. The positive messages and Affirmation mentors around campus were there to support that.”

One of the many posters around the school. (Brighton McDaniel)

Along with Mrs. Hasbrouck, Ms Deanna Williams was also involved in the creation of Affirmation week. 

“ We decided to have affirmation week in preparation for the election. We wanted our community to have unity and not division during this time. Any student that felt overwhelmed during the week could come to an affirmation space and be affirmed,” Ms. Williams said. 

Affirmation week was a great week full of positivity and affirmation. It was great to have especially during these hard times and the election.