Styling with the Angel’s favorite Mission Week clothes


2020 Mission Week Senior Sweatshirt.

Katie Wilke, Senior Staff Writer

The 2020 mission week clothes are like nothing we have seen before. Every year, each class at St. Joe creates various items of clothing to sell during mission week. The clothes are always an exciting part of the week and most girls treasure the experience even after high school. This year the items were described as “funky” and “different”. 

The most popular clothing items this year were the senior sweatshirt and sweatpants, designed by senior Olivia Linsman. The design displayed on these clothing items were in a type of crooked font, which is super trendy and fun. A surprise to all students except senior class officers, the clothes wowed everyone including juniors Natalie Lodes and Olivia Brinegar.

 “I love the senior sweatpants because we haven’t had the jogger style the last few years, and I love the detailing on the knee!” Natalie said. 

2020 Mission Week Senior Sweatshirt

2020 Mission Week Joggers

The senior items always seem to be the most popular. This is usually because the senior class is the only class that sells sweatshirts, which are very popular as the weather begins to get colder. 

“The hoodie and sweatpants are always the most memorable items of each year in my opinion. I can’t decide if I like the sweatpants or the hoodie better. They are both so soft and warm,” Olivia said. 

Sophomores Clare Barry and Quinn Conroy also enjoy the senior items as they express their appeal toward the unique design and style.  

“My favorite mission weak item would probably be the senior sweatshirt because it was so cute and different,” Clare said. 

“I like the senior items because they are very trendy and the colors compliment each other perfectly,” Quinn said.  

Although the senior clothes were many’s top favorites, another item has become popular. The junior bro tank was the top choice for a lot of students during mission week. The loose style of this shirt is comfortable and perfect to wear on a relaxing day.

“My favorite Mission week clothing item is the junior bro tank. It’s so underrated and super unique. The bro tank is the perfect clothing item for summer and is always so cute,” junior Sydney Schlanger said. 

Although the students at St. Joe enjoy the clothes and items we purchase during Mission Week, it is also important to remember the purpose of this week. We use this week to be generous and giving as we come to a greater understanding of what it means to serve the dear neighbor without distinction.