St. Joe staff steps into the spotlight

Teachers sing the St. Joe Song at the 2019 Faculty Show.

As Mission Week comes to an end and Thanksgiving break rolls around the corner, there is always one event SJA students never want to miss. This special event is of course, the Teacher/Faculty Show, and it’s the perfect way to end our exciting Mission Week and kick-off the Thanksgiving festivities.
Due to changes with COVID-19, the show was presented through a video, but the teachers did not fail to entertain the students. This year, the faculty created videos ranging from TikToks to Martha Stewart impressions by Mrs. Jamie Steinhart and Mr. Tom Riordan.
The Faculty Show followed the Music for the Missions concert on Friday, November 20th. Seniors enjoyed the show on campus while juniors and the underclassmen watched from a Youtube Livestream.
Sophomore Maddie Stecher watched from home and enjoyed the effort put in by the teachers.
“The show was hilarious and extremely entertaining. I loved how hilarious, personal, and touching the video was. I think the Faculty Show demonstrates how much the staff cares about us students and vice versa,” Maddie said.
Many students were laughing at the staff’s silly dances, hilarious skits, and personal jokes.
Sophomore Lucy Kelley’s favorite part of the show was Mr. Jendraszak’s act where he explains popular slang words that SJA students use regularly.
“From the two Faculty Shows I’ve seen, Mr. Jendraszak’s act always makes me laugh the most. At this year’s Faculty Show, he made me laugh until I couldn’t breathe,” Lucy said.
We even had a special guest appear in the Faculty Show this year: Lily the school dog. The students got to watch “A Day in the Life of Lily” where everyone could see through Lily’s perspective of being a busy, fluffy, and adorable dog.
Junior Olivia O’Malley especially enjoyed seeing Lily in the show.
“Seeing Lily in the Faculty Show made it all the better. Lily is just the sweetest dog, and it made me so happy to watch her have such a fun time,” Olivia said.
Every year, this show makes so many memories for the students and staff to share together. The staff has put so much hard work into creating this year’s show spectacular for everyone, and they have done such a good job. Thank you teachers for amazing us every year with the Faculty Show.