12 Steps to the Perfect Junior Ring Day

Lizzie Hayes ’16 and Mary Hayes ’20

Dear Juniors,
Ring day is coming up, and I could not be more excited for you! Ring day, is truly the best day. It is the first day that the juniors receive this sense of leadership and seniority within these hallowed halls. The day, from start to finish is so exciting, but it can also seem stressful. To help you have the most wonderful day possible, here are some tips and tricks!

1. Start dress shopping sooner rather than later! Finding one dress you like can be intimidating–SO imagine finding two! Also, it is important to feel confident and beautiful on your important day!
2. If you decide to get a spray tan, pay special attention to your hands! They are the highlight of the day after all!
3. In photos, make sure you adjust your ring so that it is centered on your finger, and not turned around or to the side!
4. Branch out! There are so many festivities in the day, so try to spend them with different people, really embracing all of your friends in your grade. It’s okay to celebrate after the ceremony with one group and eat dinner with another group. It’s a festive day, don’t feel like you can only spend it with five of your closest friends!
5. Figure out your plans sooner rather than later! Anyone knows that a dance can be stressful: where are we eating? Who will come? Who will I bring? Ultimately, Junior Ring is that times two! Don’t wait till the last minute to brainstorm the details.
6. Tell your family and friends to arrive to the ceremony early! Your loved ones are going to want to snap some great photos, so they need to be seated close to the front!
7. Plan out your morning routine. Getting ready for school is easy! Most of us don’t even brush our hair! On Ring Day, you are going to want to comb your hair, so make sure you give yourself enough time. You are going to want to be at school early so that you can see all of your classmates.
8. Nap before the dance! You are going to be beat after the morning festivities. After a couple of hours, you will feel refreshed and your phone will be greeting you with the many pictures that your friends have sent you. You were able to recharge, and avoid the annoying waiting period before someone sends you pictures.
9. Wear sneakers to the dance! Sure, you might want heels for the pictures, but you are going to want sneakers for the dance. You probably wore uncomfortable shoes all morning, and your feet will be sore. Being barefoot is highly uncomfortable, and there are a lot of sticky and gross feet on that tarp!
10. If you bring a date, force them to coordinate with you. It’s your special day, and you are in charge!
11. Bring a sibling or mom or dad, and have them be your photographer. This day is a special memory for you and your friends, and nothing is worse than excluding a friend from a picture and making them take it instead.
12. Although there are things you can do to make the day a little easier, you will have the best day ever, no matter what! Soak in every moment and know that all of your Angels are showering you with love.