Tips for Having the Best Fall Ball


Seniors Meghan Kemp, Olivia Stapf, Shannon Sims, and Lucie Patritti dancing at last year’s 70’s themed Fall Ball.

With everyone’s favorite day of the year approaching, Junior-Senior Fall Ball, the pressure is on to make it memorable. What do you wear? How should you style your hair? Which eligible bachelor should you bring? Who will you Instagram with? Well, take it from us, the seniors, and we’ll give you some solid advice.

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your dress.
  2. When shopping for dresses compliant with Ms. Davis’s “4 B’s”, we may face a challenge. That challenge is that a majority of dresses expose our boobs, bellies, butts, and backs. If you do happen to buy a scandalous dress, we recommend that you just walk in wearing your t-shirt from home to avoid camping out in Mr. Kowalzyk’s room with the other rule-breakers.
  3. The date. SLUH? Chaminade? A kid from grade school? Who will you bring? Will it be awkward? Will he know people? Will his tie match your dress? For those of us without boyfriends, asking a date to a dance is inevitably awkward.
  4. Leave the Juul at home.
  5. Take off your shoes. Otherwise, you will step on the toes of a scary senior and she will glare at you.
  6. Make sure you grab you own shoes at the end of the dance. Don’t be the girl who accidentally steals your classmates’ favorite pair of nude heels after a long night of dancing.
  7. Do not head straight for the couches.
  8. The dance is only two hours long;do not waste the time by sitting on the couches.
  9. Take advantage of the photo booth. These pictures look great on your VSCO profile!
  10. Jump into as many yearbook photos as you can. You’ll want to look back on this dance in the future.