Freshmen Day Fun!

During the annual Freshmen Day fashion show, junior Emily Lally celebrates as she wins a new SJA shirt.

On August 6, the freshmen of St. Joseph’s Academy had their first official SJA activity, Freshmen Day! This year’s theme was “Saddle Up for the Best Four Years of Your Life.” The upperclassmen who volunteered dressed in their finest western apparel. The school was decorated with horses, wagon wheels, cacti, cows, and many other cowboy-themed items.
Junior Olivia Murphy was a volunteer at this year’s Freshmen Day.
“I loved the theme so much! It was super fun to get to wear a cowboy hat and boots in public and see all of the funny costumes,” Olivia said.
The freshmen first pulled into the SJA parking lot and older students jumped into their cars to show them the outside of the school. Then they went inside with an upperclassman guide and were brought to their senior leaders. They then met the other girls in their groups, played some games, then went to watch the skits in the theater.
“I think what I will remember the most is the friends I made and how I met them. It was such a great experience. I will never forget the mini play the students put on for us too!” freshman Jenna Roessler said.
Freshmen Day is an amazing tradition that has been going on for years. It is a super fun way to introduce the new Angels to the SJA community and help them feel welcomed.