Melody DeGeare and Laura Baxendale in the front office

Dynamic Duo at the Front Desk

October 2, 2017

Who constantly greets you with a smile each and every morning? Who is able to answer all of your questions, no matter how obscure they seem? Who eases your nerves while you stumble into the office? The wonderful ladies who run the front desk: Mrs. DeGeare and Mrs. Baxendale.  We see them every day, but have we ever really taken the time to get to know them? They are responsible for so many things we take for granted every day, and their devotion to their job is unbelievable. Both have been working for St. Joe longer than any student can remember. Mrs. DeGeare has worked for St. Joe for five years, while Mrs. Baxendale has worked for St. Joe for ten. Their love for St. Joe is evident through their commitment to our school. Mrs. Baxendale explains her passion for our school by saying, “I’ve never worked anywhere that had such people of integrity.” She also holds special place in her heart for the students and enjoys getting to see the dynamics of each new class.  Similarly, Mrs. DeGeare shares, “my favorite part of my job is getting to interact with the students…I enjoy getting to know the parents, too!”  You may not know it but Mrs. Baxendale designs our amazing digital signage and manages the weekly emails. In her free time, Mrs. Baxendale enjoys watching movies, thrift store shopping, and spending time with her family and her dog, Lily, while Mrs. DeGeare enjoys watching her grandson play soccer and volunteering at her church.  It is clear to see that Mrs. DeGeare and Mrs. Baxendale make a perfect team, able to handle any situation that students, faculty, and staff throw at them. They are always helpful and happy to help, no matter how annoying the question or situation. Their teamwork has a superhero quality to it, and I am always amazed at how they handle the business of the office. When asked about the first time she met Mrs. DeGeare, Mrs. Baxendale said, “I was part of the interview process when Mrs. DeGreare was hired. I remember her being very kind and experienced…She didn’t seem intimidated by anything we asked of her!” We are so lucky to have these ladies as part of our school community.  They always have a smile, offer a kind word, and are willing to help in any situation.  Junior Sara Isaacson sums it up best: “They treat you like family…and make you feel ten times better even on your worst day.”

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